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The rails visualization system


The rails visualization system

The rail visualization system has been developed in response to the needs of Hutrem Serwis S.A. The main task of the system is to facilitate fast tracking and to eliminate any defects in the initial stage of rail production. Thanks to a group of prominent engineers, who are specialists in the field of automation and electronics, the product has been developed, which enables to detect the flaws in steel in a faster way. Before that, the defects (deep scratches in steel) could be noticed only during laboratory testing or during the tests by means of a flaw detector.

We have developed the system which enables to observe and monitor the whole material which after hot rolling (and at the time of the monitoring) reaches the temperature of 800-1000 °C. It allows us to identify visually arisen defects and flaws.

Thanks to such a fast tracking system, it is possible to reduce up to around 85% of losses in the manufacturing of rails of the railway which leads to the reduction of their production costs.