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Machinery park

Hutrem S.A. owns an expanded machinery park equipped with devices and heavy equipment necessary to perform all types of building and construction works in a professional manner:

  • multi-spindle horizontal lathes
  • manual vertical and horizontal milling machines and CNC milling machines
  • universal lathes
  • welding equipment for all the welding methods- MIG, MAG, TIG, electric and gas welding
  • mobile equipment for hardfacing of internal spherical surfaces
  • a metal sheet folding machine
  • vertical stationary drills , magnetic and trepan drills
  • a welding robot with 5 th axis tables
  • excavators, mini-excavator, compact loaders
  • a handling excavator
  • multifunctional excavator (including a basket for transportation of people and equipment up to 17 metres high, forks, hoist, a bucket)
  • a telescopic handler up to 10 metres
  • an excavator-loader – a crawler excavator
  • loading machines
  • mobile cranes equipped with a recycled and clamshell buckets, metal cutting and emolition
    shears; demolition hammers
  • low floor transport up to 30 tonnes
  • heavy goods vehicles and light goods vehicles up to 3,5 tonnes (open trucks, closed trucks,
  • a handler
  • “MOXY MT30” articulated hauler
  • a tractor, trailer, tiller
  • a snow plough and brine equipment
  • machines for cutting concrete and a compactor
  • system scaffolding
  • a drilling rig with drill bits up to 1500 mm diameter and up to the depth according to client’s needs
  • multifunctional portable boring bar CLIMAX BB5000 for hardfacing and boring of holes
  • cleaning machines and sweepers
  • forklift trucks